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Facebook Group Charter "Independents and Entrepreneurs Switzerland"


This group brings together self-employed entrepreneurs who live and/or work in Switzerland.
We are more than 7,000 members of French-speaking Switzerland (GE, VD, VS, FR, NE, JU), as well as some Cantons in Switzerland Aleman (BE, ZH, …) and this number is increasing every day.
The group was founded by Cécile Colin on March 15 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis.
Claude Christophi and Jean-Paul Vulliemin administer the group together with Cécile Colin.
Currently, a moderation team of 12 people supports them.

01 Objectives

  • be a platform for exchange and information for the self-employed and entrepreneurs.
  • be a partner for the political and socio-economic communities.
  • to obtain better long-term social protection for self-employed workers and entrepreneurs such as Unemployment, Reduced Working Hours (RHT), APG

02 Themes

  • share information and solutions, taking into account federal regulations and cantonal specificities, to encourage mutual aid and support, to be a source of emulation, to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves in a benevolent environment.

03 Values

  • Benevolence, Authenticity, Sharing, Help, Support, Listening, Mutual Respect.

04 No promotion/advertising is allowed in the group

  • This group does not act as a billboard. Publications must add value to the collective, either through answers/advice or through clear and relevant questions.
  • Group members are not your customers.
  • Also, avoid using the community to organize activities.
  • Contacts are only allowed by Private Message (MP Messenger), the exchange of email address and/or phone number is not allowed either on a post or comment.
  • These exchanges can be deleted without warning.
    On principle we prefer that it is the personal profiles that express themselves.

05 Member Presentation / Question on Necessary Products

  • The moderation team can initiate publications that are open to comment
    • To discuss a particular topic such as protective mask, hydroalcoholic gel, …
    • To introduce yourself and get to know each other
  • In comment everyone who wants to will be able to present themselves with their specifics, its added value and put a link to their Facebook page or its website.
  • A Page Pro can also express itself, if it is to talk about its specific situation and/or its needs in order to ask the collective for help.

06 Comments must be positive, constructive, with added value, objective or factual

  • Any negative and/or insulting comments will be deleted.
  • Any duplicate comments will be deleted when we see it.
  • Any comments repeated by a person on multiple posts, whether in the form of a copy/paste or a desire for visibility, will be considered spam, will be deleted.

You can’t agree with everyone (still happy!) and you have the right to express your opinion. But always with benevolence and through constructive comments.

A publication will be approved if it follows the following rules:

07 The publication is positive, informative or constructive and respects the group’s themes and values.

  • Negative and/or insulting and/or controversial publication will not be approved.
  • We reserve the right to delete a post in hindsight if we see a drift in the comments,

08 Publication is a sharing of information, a link to an informative page of a website, a request for help, a survey, a question.

09 Publication does not duplicate an existing publication.

  • We reserve the right to delete the double post or publications (same press article, same content) in hindsight.

10 We ask you to start your posts with hashtags

  • (the canton and the theme(s), keywords such as #geneve #apg or #suisse or #vaud #rht) that will allow him to assign a topic (theme/rubric) to allow them to be found.

11 Be kind and courteous

  • Creating a respectful, professional environment is our responsibility to all of us.
  • Let’s treat everyone with respect. It is normal to have constructive debates, but it is essential to remain kind.

12 No incitement to hatred, no harassment

  • Make everyone feel safe.
  • Harassment in all its forms is prohibited and degrading comments are not tolerated.

13 In these times of coronavirus health crisis.

  • We draw your attention to the fact that we ask you to respect the rules set out by the Federal Office of Public Health (OFSP) ofsp-coronavirus.ch in order to protect the population.

Non-compliance with these rules will not be tolerated and will result in exclusion.

The answer to admission questions regarding the group’s rules is a prerequisite for admission as a member of the group.

Unanswered membership requests will not be validated.
Unverifiable profile – refused
Group rules violated – exclusion


  1. Are you domiciled in Switzerland? In which canton?
  2. Are you self-employed and/or an entrepreneur or an employee? In what field?
  3. Do you commit to take responsibility for all of your publications (content, responses, etc.) including intellectual property, image rights and all applicable laws?

Last reviewed: 20.04.2020

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